Saturday, October 19, 2013

Let's Talk Sweaters!

As fall-like weather is approaching, and unfortunately your favorite peplum tank tops won't cut it anymore, sweaters were designed to make you look pretty and flatter any style, oh and keep you warm! Sweaters come in all shapes and sizes (believe it or not, but the classical phrase you always hear applies to fashion, too). They can be layered with different clothing, or tons of accessories. It's such a versatile piece that it's hard to survive fall without! Here are some of my favorite sweater styles!

Crop sweater are super flirty, and can add edge to your style. My favorite way to wear crop sweaters is to pair them with a high-waisted skirt to keep it balanced and super feminine-chic. These floral colors are so fall, and go great with little booties!

If you're anything like me, you love a good classic, preppy sweater. A big part of the reason I love classic sweaters so much is because you can layer them. With denim-on-denim being a really big trend this fall, you could layer a sweater like this over a denim button-up, and then pair it over dark wash denim jeans. Or, going with the plaid button-up shows a super cool twist. Finish this outfit off with any type of structured boot. My pick would definitely be English-inspired rainboots, coming from a prep and polished feel. Accomplish a more fall-look with cognac boots!

No wardrobe is complete without a big comfy sweater perfect for wearing on Monday mornings just as the weather is starting to chill. I love to wear mine with leggings and boots. Wear a patterned sweater with cool accessories, like a statement necklace or leg warmers to step up this outfit!

All pictures courtesy of Pinterest.
Last but not least, the fashion piece girls would be nothing without: cardigans! With the endless possibilities that they bring, this may be the most versatile sweater of all. Layer it over a button-up or lace shirt, or go crazy with accessories and stack up necklaces and scarves. A super easy piece that is so great to have in neutrals, or blacks for the fall. I hope you love sweaters as much as I do, and can find enough time to wear them in the fall! xox stay stylish

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Blazer, A Skirt and A Fall T-Shirt

My favorite fall outfits are usually made up of either a blazer, a skirt or a pretty fall t-shirt. This one happens to be made up of all three. This collar-less, jacket-like blazer is so in style, and is a huge new trend. Paired with a black leather flowy skirt gives it a really sophisticated vibe. And adding a burgundy fall-like t-shirt is the best top for this outfit. These were paired with studded black loafers to add a more urban feel. Add some funky accessories of your own and this outfit could be transformed into a style for you! xox stay stylish